Linear Edge vs MyoDynamic Edge ™

For 1000's of years there has existed some form of IASTM but with all that time the linear treatment edge has not changed. With over 3 years of development between 6 different fields of healthcare and engineering, we have evolved and elevated current IASTM instrument edge technology to reduce pain and bruising.

Enter the MyoDynamic Edge ™

MyoDynamic Edge ™: Variable height treatment edge

An engineered variable height treatment edge that induces high and low-pressure areas in the superficial tissue, exponentially decreasing in depth. This allows blood, lymph, inter and intrastitial fluid to move around the high-pressure treatment edge. This effect decreases vascular bed damage and mechano/barosensitive nociceptor activity. This is the future of IASTM: less pain and bruising.


Linear Edge: A straight, linear, edge with no variations

This is the edge IASTM was built on. This edge is great for inducing excessive blood, inter and intrastitial fluid movement when necessary. An example treatment scenario would be when needing to induce acute inflammatory conditions in chronic tissues to spur the healing process.