Natural Grip ™ vs. True Grip ™

What we have discovered in our clinical research is that added grip can aid the practitioner in hand fatigue when performing IASTM. However, the degree of grip is practitioner dependent, which is why we offer two different choices. 

Natural Grip ™ or True Grip ™

Natural Grip ™: Textured areas with slightly raised lettering and logo

Our Natural Grip ™ was engineered with the practitioner that appreciates a smoother handling surface. The textured surfaces are mirror-like and still easy to clean while retaining the added benefit of increased surface area/grip compared to smooth surfaced instruments.

True Grip ™: Elevated dot structure, lettering, and logo give instruments the best grip currently available

Our True Grip ™ was designed to meet the needs of practitioners wanting a gripped instrument that surpasses all others in both handling and cleaning. Our patent-pending dot matrix design allows for easy cleaning while the height of the grip has no comparison to feel or function.