I Instruments Linear Edge Natural Grip ™



I Instruments Options:

Edge Bevel:

  • Superficial- The edge of the bevel is "sharper" and designed to affect superficial structures with as little force as possible.
  • Deep- The edge of the bevel is "duller" and designed to affect deeper tissues by dispursing more pressure and avoiding vascular bed damage and mechanosensitive nociceptor activity.


  • Natural Grip - Light texturing that enables better grip compared to smooth instruments. Easy to clean with its mirror-like finish.
  • True Grip - A raised dot matrix and elevated lettering and logo enhance gripping. This design has 3x the gripping ability compared to the Natural Grip ™ option. In testing, no other instrument on the market compares.

Edge Geometry:

  • Linear Edge- A straight, linear, edge with no variations. This edge is great for inducing excessive blood, inter and intrastitial fluid movement when necessary. This is the edge IASTM was built on.
  • MyoDynamic Edge - An engineered variable height edge that induces high and low-pressure areas in the superficial tissue, exponentially decreasing in depth. This allows blood, lymph, inter and intrastitial fluid to move around the high-pressure treatment edge. This effect decreases vascular bed damage and mechano and barosensitive nociceptor activity. This is the future of IASTM: less pain and bruising.


I Instruments Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 8.25" x 1" x .25"
  • 360-degree treatment edge
  • Double bevel edge design
  • 316 surgical grade stainless steel
  • Designed, engineered, and manufactured in the USA
  • Patent pending instruments and methods

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