Pure-ollient ™ Organic IASTM Emollient- Hot/Cold Formula



Pure-ollient ™ Hot/Cold Formula was designed to suppress superficial pain caused by instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization.

***Please Note: When utilizing instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization having active pain fibers in the treatment area can be a useful diagnostic and treatment tool. Therefore, this product should only be used after receiving the proper training. Please see visit our seminar schedule for more information.***

    Active ingredients in Pure-ollient ™ Hot/Cold Formula:

    • Organic Menthol 5%
    • Organic Camphor 5%

    Inactive Ingredientsorganic extra virgin coconut oil, organic white beeswax organic, organic avocado oil, organic black cumin seed oil, organic clove oil, wintergreen oil, vitamin E (dl-alphatocopheryl acetate)

    Our Pure-ollient ™ Hot/Cold Formula is made with high-quality 3rd party certified organic oils and waxes because we believe your body deserves nothing short of pure unadulterated ingredients.

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